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"We don't make mistakes,
just happy little accidents."

-Bob Ross

Amanda Mallow

Photo copyright @lachlansheriffmedia

Artist Statement

Amanda Mallow is an abstract artist located in Vancouver, Canada. Her artistic journey actually began as a collector of local Canadian art. When the world paused during the pandemic, she turned to art as a way to bring the outside world into her home. This eventually turned into creating her own.

With a keen eye for interior design and colour combinations, she is forever inspired by the colour palette located in her very own backyard. She considers herself incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by the beautiful forests, lakes and oceans of the pacific northwest.

She has always been drawn to abstract work and utilizes a variety of layered textual mediums to highlight the unique tactile quality of her paintings. Her inner interior design voice is constantly exploring pleasing aesthetics to compliment a variety of colour schemes. So yes, she does ask herself, "Will this match my couch?".

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